Marriage – General Information

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This will be an exciting time for all involved and remember, “This is YOUR Special Day.” It is important therefore that the ceremony is one that you both want. With this in mind, I encourage you to work with me in putting together a ceremony that will always be remembered. …Read More

A marriage ceremony may take one of many forms—or a combination of them. There is no limit to the form or content. If you wish to include or exclude a religious content, this can be done. You may select traditional vows, modify prewritten vows or actually develop a wedding ceremony to suit your personal situation and desires. …read more


Christian Marriage Ceremony

A Christian, non-denominational marriage is desirable in circumstances where one or both partners may be precluded from marriage in the church of their choice (for whatever reason), where there are family pressures for marriage in a specific church causing conflict which cannot be resolved or perhaps within the couple there is an acknowledgement of a Christian faith without attachment to a particular church. …read more

Civil Marriage Ceremony

Many couples simply have a Judge or other authorized public official perform a basic ceremony to meet legal and statutory requirements. This may be done in Louisiana. However, it is my view that marriage is a very significant event in the lives of the two people concerned—that it is a rite to demonstrate their love, unity and the beginning of a new life together. …read more

Medieval Ceremony

Depending upon the desires and choices of the couple, there are many variations of ancient wedding ceremonies and celebrations to enjoy. Often, the wedding party (including the celebrant) dress in appropriate period costume, the ceremony is conducted in accordance with ancient ritual (modified as desired) and the whole celebration takes on the ambience of a time gone-bye. …read more

Renewal Of Vows Ceremony

There are many reasons for couples to renew their wedding vows. Many times, couples who were married at the courthouse want a REAL wedding ceremony. Renewal ceremonies are frequently given as a gift from children—as a ‘thank you’ and acknowledgement, perhaps for the time, effort and expense put into their own wedding. …read more

Life Partner Commitment Ceremony

For those who choose to (for whatever reason)—or are not able to—enter into a formal, legal marriage in the State of Louisiana, I officiate a Life Partner Commitment Ceremony. This ceremony has no legal standing, but is a public affirmation of the feelings of both partners. A beautiful certificate (similar to a wedding certificate) will be signed and provided to the couple at the completion of the ceremony along with an audio CD of the proceedings. …read more