Renewal of Vows

There are many reasons for couples to renew their wedding vows.

Many times, couples who were married at the courthouse want a REAL wedding ceremony. Renewal ceremonies are frequently given as a gift from children—as a ‘thank you’ and acknowledgement, perhaps for the time, effort and expense put into their own wedding.

It is a fact that many marriages ‘fail’ when it is simply that the initial romance has faded, little grievances and hurts have built-up and there seems no way to get past it all. A Renewal of Vows ceremony is both a re-affirmation of the thoughts and love that first brought the couple into marriage and a renewal from which past mistakes can be left behind.

Sometimes, a Renewal of Vows ceremony is the foundation for a family reunion.

Here are some thoughts to consider as you plan your ceremony:

  • The ceremony is frequently held on the couples’ anniversary date.
  • It can be as formal or as casual as you wish.
  • Most of the wedding ceremony wordings can be easily tailored to a Renewal of Vows ceremony.
  • If the original wedding vows of the couple are available, these can be most meaningful and significant.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to involve children (young or mature) in the ceremony through participation in the lighting of the Unity Candle, exchange of roses (or medallions) or in other appropriate ways.

There are few other actions that will rekindle a marriage like a Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony.

No license is required. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the couple will be presented with a Keepsake Folio containing a signed and sealed certificate (suitable for framing), a printed transcription of the ceremony and an audio CD recording of the proceedings.

For more information on a Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony, please contact me.